American school in London its blasted for toxic woke agenda

American School in London/ Facebook

As white students are being told they are “oppressors” and teachers are being banned from saying ‘boys and girls,’ the American School in London (ASL) is coming under increasing parental criticism.

Britain’s most expensive day school, known for producing such famous alumni as actress Kathleen Turner and NFL star Andrew Luck, has found itself at odds with a pack of angry parents.

In a 12-page letter, parents told headteacher Robin Appelby that ASL had created a ‘culture of fear” that is ‘harmful to our children’s mental health.’

In a DailyMail article, investigative reporter Guy Adams said, “This elite seat of learning is at the epicenter of a spectacular and utterly toxic dispute over claims that a cabal of Left-wing staff are seeking to brainwash impressionable pupils via ultra-woke ‘identity politics.'”

One parent wrote to the headmaster, “It feels like ASL has fallen into the hands of a woke cult. Every subject, from art to literature to history, is now being taught through as prism of race or gender, at times to very young children.”

The parents went as far as to claim, “they are operating what amounts to a system of apartheid.”

Parental outrage against ASL’s political-correct agenda has spilled over to other schools across Britain.

MP Robert Halfon, chairman of the Commons Education Committee, said the teaching of ‘white privilege’ has ‘got to be stopped, adding that it’s becoming ‘divisive’ and ‘pits groups against each other.

At ASL parents say they have been instructed on how to ‘raise anti-racist children’ and how to ‘recognize their own implicit biases.’

Debates on ‘politics in sports’ have replaced PE lessons at ASL. The school library was scoured and then had potentially offensive material removed. Students have been encouraged to undergo self-analysis to see if they belong ‘to the LGBTQI+  spectrum,’ or perhaps be ‘non-binary or gender-nonconforming.’

Staff meetings have been racially segregated, and pupils have been scared to write about their overseas summer holidays for of being accused of racism or cultural appropriation,” Adams found.

‘It’s completely over the top,’ says one parent of a nine-year-old boy to the DailyMail. ‘My son seems to be having crazy political views shoved down his throat every day. ‘


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