Artifacts in 131-year-old time capsule to be replaced with BLM and Gay Pride badges in Richmond, Va.

Leftists in Richmond, Va. are seeking to immortalize their weird brand of tunnel-vision, white-guilt-ridden insanity for future generations, filling a time capsule with items that might have been chosen by the 2021 New York Times editorial board.

Having successfully brought down a metal statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee the previous day, city and state Democrats on Sept. 9 faced a problem: how to replace a 131-year-old time capsule allegedly buried beneath it. reports that the original time capsule has not yet been found, but that was no reason not to replace it with a metal box filled with “woke” 2021 artifacts: an expired vial of COVID vaccine, photos from “Stop Asian Hate” protests, stickers for Black Lives Matter and a Virginia-themed homosexual Pride badge.

The new capsule contains 39 items supposedly suggested by residents of the city and selected by a group that included Pamela Northam, wife of the state’s ultraliberal yet blackface-wearing governor, Ralph.

The old, copper box, from 1887, when the reality of war between the states was more fresh, is believed to contain a silver dollar and some Civil War relics that include Confederate buttons.

Workers still haven’t been able to find it, but if they can’t the new one will be buried anyway.

The new “time capsule” also includes a You Are Not Alone flyer from a George Floyd protest last year, a COVID mask worn by none other than Pam Northam, a hand painted native American gourd rattle intended to pander to that group, a hip-hop album, a ‘Kente cloth worn by the Commissioners of the Congressionally chartered 400 Years of African-American History Commission,’ and a photograph of a black ballerina dancing in front of the vandalized Lee statue, which was ruined with graffiti last summer in the name of George Floyd.

The 21-foot bronze statue of Lee riding his horse will be sent to the Goochland Women’s Correctional Center in Virginia.


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