Black Lives Matter protesters throw red paint on Theodore Roosevelt’s statue in New York City

Theodore Roosevelt's statue/ Facebook

Leftist vandals are defiling monuments that have long stood in American cities, with relative impunity and even media approval, but leaving tire tracks on the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” painted on a street, could cost you $114,000

On Oct. 6 a statue of former president Theodore Roosevelt which stands at the entrance of Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural History was vandalized with red paint — just the latest in a slew of Taliban-like attacks on statues and monuments.

Building security told police that a man and a woman sprayed the paint before fleeing, according to

The incidents are Taliban-like in that perpetrators see the monuments as intolerable to leftist doctrine, and therefore in need of defacement, destruction or removal. Sometimes the action is taken by radical politicians, who have statues removed, and sometimes self-righteous mobs simply vandalize or wreck them.

Meanwhile, attorneys were negotiating on Oct. 7 over what will happen to two Santa Cruz, Calif. men accused of defacing a downtown Black Lives Matter “street mural” over the summer.

The “mural” is in fact merely those three words, painted in huge, yellow block letters.

Co-defendants Hagan Warner, 19, and Brandon Bochat, 20, were arrested on July 24 and booked on suspicion of felony vandalism after they boasted on social media of being the ones who did “burnouts” in a truck over the sign, leaving black marks.

The two were later charged with an additional hate crime designation as well as misdemeanor reckless driving, according to Lookout Santa Cruz.

Only where is the hate-crime accusation when statues of Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln and Lewis and Clark are defaced or pulled down to appease the liberal Taliban?


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