Atheist group orders Alabama Lt. Gov. to stop promoting Christianity

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, wrote a letter today asking Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth to stop using his state office to promote Christianity

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which claims to promote the constitutional principal of the separation of church and state but in fact seems devoted to blocking the spread of faith and Christianity in particular, has sent a letter to Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth to stop using his state office to promote Christianity.

As reported by, The FFRF gets involved when anonymous informers tell them of a government official who has dared to mention his or her faith while performing public duties. The group then seeks to silence that official’s speech through intimidating letters from attorneys.

The letter was a response to Ainsworth’s March 8 announcement asking Alabamians to participate in a “Ring for the Resurrection” campaign to mark Easter. The lieutenant governor asked people to join him and his family in ringing a bell at noon on Easter Sunday.

Ainsworth publicized the campaign in a press release from his office email, using state letterhead since he is a state official.

“We are writing on behalf of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and our Alabama membership to object to the egregious misuse of your office to promote Christianity,” the letter from the Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization says, as if Ainsworth were sending the press release for his own personal gain.

Ainsworth said his intent was to unite Alabamians at a time when church services and other traditional ways to commemorate Easter have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The FFRF fired off a similar letter to Gov. Kay Ivey on March 6 objecting to what it said was the governor’s promotion of her religious beliefs during a press conference last week announcing a stay-at-home order because of the pandemic. Ivey’s crime was quoting scripture during the press conference and inviting a pastor who spoke and closed the event with prayer.



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