Austin Police Department’s Dire Request: Robbery Victims to Dial 3-1-1, Not 911

A paper mache pig`s head burns on the ground outside of the Austin Police Headquarters during a protest against police on May 31, 2020. © Lita Medinger |

A Blatant Admission of Failure

More absurdity is brewing in the already beleaguered city of Austin, Texas.

In an act that practically serves as an open invitation to criminals, the Austin Police Department is now insisting that robbery victims—a felony, mind you—should refrain from calling 911 and instead dial 3-1-1, a non-emergency number.

It’s as if having your belongings forcefully taken isn’t considered an emergency anymore!

Could there be a more striking admission of failure?

Thanks to the Defund the Police movement, this once prosperous city has found itself in the throes of a policing crisis, staggering under a staffing deficit that would almost be laughable if it weren’t so deeply tragic.

Four hundred officers short of its approved strength!

Remember, it was the city council that, in a display of mind-boggling irresponsibility, slashed a staggering $150 million from the Austin Police Department budget, embarking on a reckless gamble with the city’s safety.

It’s a dismal snapshot of government incompetence, and now they are practically advertising their incapacity to protect their citizens.

The Austin Police Association, or APA, is the only group in the city not caught up in the frenzied dance of appeasing the radical left.

APA is daring to call out the Black Lives Matter and the Defund the Police movements, urging them to perhaps entertain a notion of realism in their grandiose schemes.

But let us delve deeper into this farce.

Austin is facing an unprecedented wave of crime, with a staggering 30% increase in robberies over the past year alone.

It’s a surge straining the already crumbling infrastructure of the city’s police department. Yet, instead of adopting measures to fortify the force and secure the city, the leaders ask the victims—law-abiding citizens, mind you, to “be patient and understanding.”

Understanding of what, exactly? That their city has failed them, surrendered to the criminal elements, perhaps?

And then there’s the gall, the sheer audacity, to ask victims of serious crimes to “wait longer” for police assistance.

Imagine being the victim of a robbery, your sense of safety utterly violated, only to be told to hold the line, as if the terrifying ordeal you just experienced is no more important than reporting someone staring at you the wrong way.

It’s preposterous, it’s insulting, and it showcases a glaring abandonment of the duty to safeguard the community.

Let us be very clear: this isn’t just a failure of the police department; this is a failure of leadership, a damning indictment of a city that has lost its way.

Austin residents deserve better than this feeble hand-wringing and bureaucratic double-talk.

It’s high time those at the helm stop making excuses and start taking tangible steps to restore law and order before the great city of Austin descends into further chaos. It’s not just a matter of principle—it’s a matter of public safety, and the citizens of Austin deserve nothing less.


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