B&G Foods will remove black Cream of Wheat chef from packaging

Black Cream of Wheat chef as appeared in 1899 ad for the cerealGetty Images

Big food companies continue to line up in front of the mob to confess their racism and perform meaningless penances with minimum effect on cash flow.

The New York Post reports that this time it is B&G Foods, maker of Cream of Wheat cereal mix, which for years featured an image of a black chef on its packaging, smiling and holding a ladle and obviously the man you trust to make you a delicious breakfast.

The company said on Sept. 24 that it would drop the beloved black cook, becoming the latest company to make changes to branding declared by politically correct social media mob and compliant press to be racially insensitive.

The black figure was not a slave, and might actually have been based on a real, respected figure with a real job and life.

But that doesn’t matter.

“For years, the image of an African-American chef appeared on our Cream of Wheat packaging. While research indicates the image may be based upon an actual Chicago chef named Frank White, it reminds some consumers of earlier depictions they find offensive,” B&G Foods said in a statement.

Mars and PepsiCo also recently changed names and branding of some of their products to avoid being tarred with the brush of racism. On Sept. 23, Mars said it was changing the name and branding of its Uncle Ben’s rice products, while PepsiCo announced back in June that it would rename and change the brand image of its Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup.

The purge follows an almost exclusively media-fueled national debate over racial issues in the United States, part of a contentious election year in which every inflammatory issue that can be aggravated is being used as a call for rioting by the left.

B&G expects to roll out new Cream of Wheat packaging in 2021, it said.


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