Las Vegas school asks students about their comfort level around white people

A survey given to some high school students in Las Vegas is sparking outrage from parents.

First, a survey given to some high school students in Las Vegas sparked outrage from parents.

Then, the principal of the school claimed the questions were “randomly generated,” even though they dealt pointedly with extremely sensitive matters of race and sexual conduct.

Parents say students at West Technical and Career Academy were given a questionnaire with very controversial queries while they were in class. The questions that got parents upset included how “warm” or “cold” the student felt about white people, and whether the student would be willing to have sex with a black person.

The principal at West Tech in Summerlin, Nev. said changes will be made to prevent this type of content from being used in the classroom again. Las Vegas’ KTNV Action News said they “were told” the survey was given as part of some implicit bias learning — perhaps the same kind of training that President Trump has now banned from use in the government and among government contractors.

In an email obtained by 13 Action News, Principal Amy Docter Rozar told parents “we recently became aware of randomly generated questions in the survey that contain college-level content that may be inappropriate for high school students. Students were not required to complete the survey and were provided with other classroom exercise options.”

“It’s totally not age appropriate,” said Erin Phillips, president of Power 2 Parent, a nonprofit that works to empower parents in Nevada’s education system. “This is for college level students, and not 10th graders.”

Phillips said she has heard from multiple parents about the incident.


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