Biden encourages Florida parents to file federal complaints over its parental rights law

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre/ Facebook

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Joe Biden White House openly supports having strangers talk to your children, kindergarten through third grade, about their sex lives.

That’s correct: Adults in the highest executive office in the land want to talk secretly with kids – little kids – about sex. They’re proud and open about it.

On July 1 White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre released a defiant statement against Florida’s recently passed House Bill (HB) 1557, called the Parental Rights in Education, bill, deceitfully and inaccurately referring to it as the “shameful ‘Don’t Say Gay'” law.

The bill, which took effect June 30, the previous day, prohibits school teachers and staffers from talking covertly about gender and sexuality issues with these very young Floridians.

Adults “grooming” young children into sexual discussions, thinking, and decisions is being increasingly revealed in U.S. public schools. The grooming is being disguised as a kind of secret therapy to “rescue” children who want to be homosexual from the restrictions and guidance of their “harmful” parents.

Jean-Pierre attempts to keep this disguise in place. In her July 1 declaration of war against parents she calls the Florida law:

 … part of a disturbing and dangerous nationwide trend of right-wing politicians cynically targeting LGBTQI+ students, educators, and individuals to score political points. It encourages bullying and threatens students’ mental health, physical safety, and well-being. It censors dedicated teachers and educators who want to do the right thing and support their students. And it must stop.

The final four words should be noted for their authoritarian attempt at intimidation. This is the main mouthpiece of the White House speaking, telling Americans about newly discovered things that they “must stop” doing. Even when the goal is protection of their own children from coercion and perversion.

“The Department of Education will be monitoring this law,” Jean-Pierre threatens darkly, “and any student or parent who believes they are experiencing discrimination is encouraged to file a complaint with the Department’s Office for Civil Rights.”


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