Biden speech draws record low viewers, despite ‘winning’ the presidency by largest vote in history

President Joe Biden's first address to Congress

Joe Biden’s real-world numbers continue to clash with the media narrative.

The bland, wooden and elderly career politician’s first address to Congress logged just 22.6 million viewers, or less than half the viewers who tuned in to Donald Trump’s first speech, according to a piece at

An estimated 43 million Americans watched Trump’s first speech to a joint session in 2017, across the seven major television networks. That’s 49 percent higher than Biden’s Wednesday night speech.

Like his rallies, Biden’s address was meagerly attended in person as well, with just 200 attendees compared to the usual 1,600.

Republicans called it “boring” and full of “socialist dreams.”

After striding into a nearly empty House chamber, the very non-blue-collar Biden pitched a $2.3 trillion “blue-collar blueprint” American Jobs Plan, pushed an $1.8 trillion investment into “human infrastructure” and spoke about how he will try and deal with China, the Mexican border, gun control and reforming American police departments, which Democrats are almost desperate to defund and disband.

Biden asked Vice President Kamala Harris to promote his investment in “jobs, jobs, jobs” and insisted she would “get it done,” a month after directing her to deal with the border.

Employment under President Donald Trump soared to unprecedented levels until COVID-19 took over the news and national narrative and government officials started requiring businesses and their workers to lock down or stay home.

He opened his speech standing in front of Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi by calling the Jan. 6 protest against government corruption at the Capitol the “worst attack on our Democracy since the Civil War” and said “America’s house was on fire” when he took office. He did not mention Donald Trump.



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