Biden’s political purge of government employees now in the works

Black Lives Matter Silent Vigil during Municipal Meeting, Englewood, New Jersey.

Martin Mawyer, President, Christian Action Network

Call it a purge, a cleansing, or a baptism, whatever you want to call it, Biden’s June 25 executive order mandating Critical Race Theory training for all federal employees serves but one purpose:

To rebrand the federal government into a woke, socialist, white-hating, bureaucratic police force that should conjure up dreaded memories of the KGB, Gestapo and the Stasi.

Surprisingly, Biden’s “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility” order has received very little attention or commentary.

But its announcement and its dangers did not escape the notice of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

On the same day as Biden’s executive order, Cruz immediately authored a bill called “End Critical Race Theory Act”. His bill would prevent federal tax dollars from funding Biden’s government-mandated Critical Race Theory programs for federal workers. It is a bill similar to that introduced in the House by Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah).

“It is a Marxist ideology that sees the world as a battle, not between the classes – as classical Marxism does – but between the races. This is inherently bigoted,” Cruz said about Biden’s executive order.

Even leading proponents and influential advocates of Critical Race Theory admit it’s rooted in Marxism.

Professor Glenn Bracey of Villanova University (which lauds him as “an expert on race and social movements”) said this about CRT:

“Critical Race Theory is Marxism,” he confirmed during a Zoom seminar. He couldn’t resist adding that Christianity is its natural enemy.

“Evangelical Christians are very upset about critical race theory because it is self-consciously grounded in Marxism,” said the professor who also boasts that his “current research looks at white evangelical churches as a racial movement.”

So, what should federal workers expect from Biden’s executive order when it is released by the Office of Personnel Management?

New York Post columnist, Betsy McCaughey, predicted this:

“If you’re white and you work for the federal government, get ready to be labeled a racist, regardless of how fair you are or how colorblind your worldview,” she warned the nation’s two-million federal workers who will be subjected to these indoctrination classes.

Though there is no announced timetable for the release of Biden’s mandatory CRT program, or even what it will contain, its aim is easily identified by looking at other CRT programming exercises that are currently employed at so many businesses and schools.

Critical Race Theory teaches that everything (yes, I mean EVERYTHING) is tainted and infused with racism…from the bandages you wear, to how long you’ve been married, even to whether you have running water in your house.

Racism is rooted in White Privilege, according to its theorists, and is typically seen through the lenses of CRT advocate, Peggy McIntosh, and her 1988 essay White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.

According to McIntosh, you have White Privilege if:

* You have white neighbors that are pleasant
* You can rent or purchase a house.
* You can shop alone.
* You can choose a bandage that matches your skin color
* You can protect your children.
* You are in the company of white people.

Even black people can have White Privilege, according to CRT advocates, if they enjoy privileges commonly associated with white people, such as having no trouble hailing a cab, not being followed into stores, or if they come from supportive families, and especially if those families have parents that are still married.

“From the moment a white person is born, they’re afforded white privileges. All white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism,” is a lesson taught to 8th and 9th graders in a curriculum offered by the Office of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives.

If you are a white federal worker, you are a racist.

According to the Partnership for Public Service (PPS), white employees make up 68% of the federal government.

This means over two-thirds of federal workers are racists, an infliction that cannot be cured simply through diversity training because racism is socially birthed into white people from the moment they are born.

The only solution is to systematically purge white people from the federal workforce.

“Overcoming racial injustice in the United States must include a transformation of the workforce that serves our collective interests,” says PPS.

Notice the intentional use of the Marxist phrase, “collective interests.” What could be clearer?

The goal of Biden’s executive order is to transform the US Government into a monstrous workforce of woke, white-bashing, collectivist bureaucrats.

All the better as they target Trump supporters, bible-believing Christians and traditional conservatives, with the force of more than 400 federal agencies to police them into compliance of those “collective interests.”

What might lie ahead for patriotic Americans, after this government purge? It should be obvious to all.

The hint came from NAACP Vice President Michelle Leete who, while speaking outside a Middle School in Fairfax, VA last Friday, said this about opponents of Critical Race Theory:

“Let them die!”


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