U.S. Attorney General issues report on how the government will come after Biden’s opponents

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When the current corrupt and highly suspect U.S. government comes to take away your rights, and possibly put you in restraints, the Biden administration will now be able to say, “I told you so. You were given a full warning.”

They will be correct. They did give you a full warning, even if it wasn’t exactly “fair warning.”

On June 15, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland released Biden’s promised, dystopian National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.

The report is a 32-page manifesto full of lies, misdirections and omissions that is so replete with convoluted words and monotonous rhetoric that anyone could be forgiven for slipping into a Rip Van Winkle-like deep slumber while reading it.

But … stay awake and keep reading.

Once you parse all of the Ambien-infused language, you will understand exactly what Nicholas Giordan, a professor at Suffolk Community College on Long Island, told FOX News:

The strategy is “ripe for abuse and targeting any political opposition.”

As bad as this sounds, Professor Giordan is incorrect about one thing: This report isn’t about targeting just ANY political opposition. Not at all. When it comes, the “abuse” will be aimed at conservatives, and specifically at white conservatives.

Early on in the report, we learn the Government has main two objectives. The first is to hunt down those they deem to be “White Supremacists.”  The second is to prepare for a violent attack on the United States Government (sometime during 2021) by racists and/or anti-government extremists.

As you would expect, the report fails to define what a White Supremacist is or who is an anti-government extremist. Although it does leave us with some hints, intriguing in a Jeff Foxworthy sort of way:

Do you believe there was “fraud in the recent general election”? You might be an anti-government extremist.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories “related to the COVID-19 pandemic”? You might be an anti-government extremist.

Do you oppose something called “government overreach”? You might be an anti-government extremist.

The question of whether you’re a White Supremacist isn’t even a Jeff Foxworthy-type riddle. If you’re white, of course you are. Automatically.

As Professor Giordan stated to FOX: “These are the same people that believe racism is inherent, you are born with it.”

Notice that none of these characteristics is a crime or something someone has done. It is all about what you say and what you believe.

Every Government Agency Will Seek Out Political Opponents

Having defined its targets, the report moves on to warn darkly that these threats will not vanish overnight. They are “long-term issues” that need to be addressed by the government in its powerful entirety: The FBI. The Department of Justice. Homeland Security.

These law enforcement agencies are not the only ones that will be involved. The report states that “every component of the government has a role to play.” Yet even that will not be enough.

Despite the size of the federal government (USA.gov estimates there are 443 federal agencies), and despite its 2.1 million workers, that kind of manpower cannot possibly round up all the racists and anti-government extremists who now threaten America.

The problem is, the report says, like a desperate salesman trying to sell a used car or sketchy insurance policy: Time is running out.

“White Supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not al Qaeda – white supremacists,” Biden has said.

Lacking the necessary manpower within the United States government itself, Attorney General Garland says they need to seek outside help, and lots of it, as you’ll see. Bear with me as I quote the report’s exact language:

“The Department of Homeland Security will introduce a new systematic approach for utilizing pertinent external, non-governmental analysis and information that will provide enhanced situational awareness of today’s domestic terrorist threat.”

See what I mean? It is the euphemistic, jargon-heavy, truth-obfuscating language of official liars.

The report doesn’t say WHICH non-governmental agencies will be solicited for help, but we can safely guess it will include the Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists many conservative Christian groups, including ours, as “hate groups” on its website.

Targeting White Supremacists, But Not Necessarily BLM or Antifa

Perhaps you think (or at least hope) our government will also target violent left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, especially since the report includes this language:

“So too must we disrupt and deter those who launch violent attacks in a misguided effort to force change in government policies that they view as unjust.”

This, in one of the few paragraphs that are easy to understand, sounds like they are talking about Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Yet neither of those extraordinarily violent and destructive groups is mentioned anywhere in the report.

But get this:

The report makes mention of a 2016 sniper shooting in Dallas, Texas in which five white police officers were ambushed and murdered. The killings were the work of Micah Xavier Johnson, who claimed he wanted to “kill white people, especially white officers.”

But Biden’s report does not describe Johnson as being either black or Black Nationalist, only as “an anti-authority violent extremist.” The uninformed reader might be forgiven for thinking Johnson was a white member of an anti-government militia group. And that’s exactly how Biden and his minions want Americans to think.

In addition, the report cites the horrific shooting of “black church members slaughtered during their Bible study in Charleston,” referring to nine church members who were killed by neo-Nazi Dylann Roof in 2015.

But the report makes no mention of First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, which saw 25 parishioners executed by atheist Devin Patrick Kelley in the fall of 2017. Also conspicuously missing is the 2015 shooting spree by Islamists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik that left 14 office workers dead in San Bernardino, Calif.

One can only assume that the 2016 massacre at the Orlando, Fla. Pulse nightclub was omitted because the shooter, Omar Mateen, was an Islamist. The 49 murders at Pulse, a gay club, represented the largest domestic terrorist attack in United States history at that time.

The report’s most shocking display of bias is its recounting of the 2017 shooting of four people at a Republican congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. The shooter, James Hodgkinson, was a known left-wing political activist and a Bernie Sanders supporter. The report describes him merely as a “lone gunman” without further explanation.

Few will be able to read Garland’s report without recognizing that it is almost entirely focused on opponents of the Biden White House agenda.

That is, political opponents. We are talking about aligning government force and government power against political opponents.

And that is okay, the report assures us. Federal prosecutors are free to decide who and what they want to prosecute. If they don’t want to go after BLM or Antifa, that’s their prerogative.

“Particular investigatory and prosecutorial decisions are for law enforcement alone, unaffected by and insulated from any political influence or bias,” the report states, with a shockingly straight face.

The fact is, these prosecutors are NOT insulated. They don’t live in a bubble-free from political influence or pressure. They are human beings with political and religious beliefs like the rest of us.

White House Needs Citizen Spies

Not only will investigators have all the resources of the federal government at their disposal, as well as having non-governmental agencies busy turning over their rocks. They also want to seek the help of neighbors, families and friends.

The report admits that the “U.S. government often is not best placed to identify or address issues that will first emerge at the local level.”

In other words, they need spies.

The problem is that even though the FBI, the U.S. Postal Service and the Pentagon are snooping on America’s phone calls, emails and social media postings, they still don’t know what people are saying in their homes, churches, living rooms and businesses.

Therefore, the government needs help – possibly your help – to snoop, report on and denounce your neighbors to the authorities.

“ … terrorism prevention will also work to better equip individuals, families and local communities with resources to reduce the risk from individuals who may pose a danger to themselves or others … ” (More euphemism and obfuscation.)

The government will soon equip people to spy on their neighbors, providing a booklet “that will include for the first time potential indicators of domestic-terrorism related mobilization.”

Presumably, reading this booklet will show you the “indicators” of potential troublemakers among your family, friends, and co-workers so you can alert the proper authorities. Perhaps some will be your church friends.

The Biden White House wants “everyone” to come together in this battle. Those inclined to refuse should heed this warning from FOX News host Tucker Carlson:

“They’re working hard to divide us into warring camps with lies. They’re telling us a story that is completely — and very much intentionally — disconnected from reality. They’re claiming that something called White Supremacy, a term they never define, is the greatest threat we face.”

In actuality, Biden White House Supremacy is the greatest threat we, as Americans, now face.


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