Boy at center of transgender custody fight chooses boys’ clothing for school

James Younger (pictured) attended school as a boy for the first time after a bitter custody battle ensued between James' parents over gender identity

In a decision that no 7-year-old boy should have to make, the child at the center of a high-profile transgender custody battle in Texas has decided to attend school this year as the male child his mother does not want him to be.

As of early this week, the Facebook page “Save James” now features pictures of James Younger dressed in a collared shirt, slacks and sneakers, getting ready to head to school.

His mother, Anne Georgulas, has been arguing that James is transgender and wants him to “transition” to a girl named Luna. Georgulas, a pediatrician, has been dressing James in girls’ dresses, makeup, false eyelashes and hair glitter. She said three mental health professionals diagnosed James with “gender dysphoria” and recommended that she and her ex-husband, Jeffrey Younger, begin referring to the child as Luna instead of James.

There was even talk to giving James puberty-blocking dugs and hormone therapy.

Jeffrey Younger, James’ father, has fought Georgulas over their child’s gender. Younger believes his son does not have gender dysphoria and has simply been confused. He accused Georgulas of forcing the child to wear dresses.  

Younger and Georgulas have another child, Jude, James’ twin. Married in 2010, the couple underwent IVF treatment to have twins and requested their babies’ gender be male before their birth in 2012. They annulled their marriage several years later and arguments over their James’ gender began soon after.

The caption of this week’s photo of James in boy clothing reads: “Going to school. This is what it looks like when JAMES gets to choose! *Affirm this! * Also, a photo taken yesterday, just before church. James and Jude proud to be men! Save James, save thousands of children!’

“Jeff emailed the principal today and James and Jude’s teachers had reported that there was zero stress or disruptions in the classroom today. Just another day in school,” the post said. 

Georgulas reportedly took James to see a “gender therapist” after she noticed he requested girl-themed toys, imitated female Disney characters and asked to wear dresses. The therapist recommended James begin to identify as Luna and transition.

As of October 24, the child identified as a girl in school and was called Luna by teachers. In mid-October, Judge Kim Cooks ruled that both parents will have joint conservatorship over James’ “transitioning,” meaning that they will make joint medical decisions regarding their child, including whether James undergoes any hormone therapy. Joint decisions over haircuts and dental and psychiatric care will also be required.

Younger and Georgulas will also be forced to go to counseling.

Younger alleges that Georgulas has been forcing the transition ever since they divorced and said his ex-wife was manipulating James at just 3-years-old.

He said Georgulas would lock James in a bedroom and tell him that “monsters only eat boys.”

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