Boys had to stand in front of school and ‘apologize for rapes committed by their gender’

Brauer College in Warrnambool, south-western Victoria has been criticised for the assembly held last Wednesday

In a weird kind of forced public confession, male students at a school in Australia were required to stand in a schoolwide assembly and apologize to their female classmates for sexual assaults they had not committed, reports

What they were apologizing for were assaults committed by males against females … everywhere.

Parents were infuriated.

Brauer College in Warrnambool, Victoria held an assembly on March 24 in which the boys were told to make the symbolic gesture of apology to girls and women. The “woke” stunt sparked outrage among parents who say their male children were made to feel guilty about something they neither had control over nor understood.

Brauer College student Craig Daniels told the Today show the event was “wrong” and should “never have happened”.

“I wasn’t in the assembly personally but I know people who were and it made them feel guilty for something they haven’t done,” he said. “It could be better by not just slapping predator on one gender when it goes both ways.”

Nicole Daniels, his mother, said the school had “completely messed it up”.

“What they’ve made the boys do, they’ve labelled and categorized them into the same category as a perpetrator and a rapist when these boys have done nothing wrong,” she said.

Rebecca Croft, another mother, said she immediately called the school to complain after hearing about the strange assembly.

“I was just absolutely horrified about my children having to stand up and apologize for something on behalf of their gender they have no control over,” she told the morning show. “My 12-year-old has no idea about rape and sexual assault and he was made to apologise and he doesn”t understand why.”


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