ISIS brags about ‘killing Christians’ in Mozambique massacre

Briton Philip Mawer (left) has not been heard from since attempting to flee Palma, while Nick Alexander (right) was rescued two days after he escaped an ambush on a convoy of vehicles fleeing a hotel (Daily Mail)

The Islamic State is reclaiming its bloody spot on the world stage, with a group bragging of “killing dozens of Mozambican armed forces and the Christians” in a multi-day attack near a gas plant in that country.

Posting a photo of gunmen celebrating the capture of the town of Palma, ISIS took credit for the attack in a statement issued March 29. reports that among those killed is at least one British contractor, and dozens of foreigners in the country remain unaccounted for. A contractor from Somerset, UK who worked at a hotel in the area is among the missing and feared dead.

Philip Mawer has not been seen or heard from since gunmen ambushed a convoy of vehicles fleeing a hotel on Friday.

Friend Peter Zweemer told The Sun that the French oil company Total, for whose employees Mawer was reportedly helping to build a camp, allowed workers to be “slaughtered”. The multi-day attack began on March 24.

Tales of horror began to emerge on March 30 as survivors escaped and made contact with loved ones. A small UN plane carrying adults and children – including an injured one-year-old – arrived on Monday at the airport in the provincial capital of Pemba.

According to Portuguese news agency Lusa, a bullet hit the baby’s leg while he was in his mother’s arms as they ran from the rebels. ISIS has alleged that 55 people were killed but the number has not been verified.

A South African security firm has been hired by the government to fight the militants and search for survivors, which has left streets and beaches strewn with decapitated bodies.


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