Britain Steps Up in Persian Gulf Thanks to New PM Resolve

Britain's new prime minister ordered British warships to escort British flagged vessels through the dangerous waters of the Persian Gulf because of military actions by Iran capturing several vessels including two British ships at one point before one was released. (EPA photo)

The Daily Mail – Boris Johnson ordered Royal Navy warships to escort British-flagged tankers through the Gulf, ripping up Theresa May’s Iran policy. The HMS Montrose watched over the Union Jack-flagged Stena Important, the frigate also entering the dangerous waters in the Strait of Hormuz.

The policy U-turn came on Johnson’s first full day as Prime Minister after May’s government claimed it lacked resources to protect ships. Last week Iranian commandos dropped from helicopters onto British-flagged tankers in brazen acts of piracy amid soaring tensions between Tehran and the West.

Johnson shredded May’s resource-conscious policy and ordered all ships to be escorted either by single warships or by units of vessels.

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