CAIR Official Makes it Official: Koran Deems Women Inferior to Men

A documentary captures an official with the Council in American Islamic Relations declaring sharia law from the works of the Koran that condemn women as inferior to men as a matter of statutory law. (Facebook photo)

Breitbart – Independent filmmaker Michael Hansen’s new documentary Killing Free Speech features an exclusive interview with a Council on American-Islamic Relations official who struggles to answer questions about the status of women in Islam.

Four minutes into part one, James Sues, executive director of CAIR New Jersey, is asked about a Koran passage stating that a woman’s legal testimony is worth only half of a man’s.

Sues visibly struggles to reconcile the passage with his own beliefs while rejecting suggestions that Islamic teaching ought to be scrapped or updated to respect modern norms. “It is the final word of God. It is the final revelation” says Sues. “The Koran cannot be changed.”

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