‘Honor’ Killer Yasar Said Might Have Help in North Texas Hiding

Police released portions of Yasir Said's stalking and surveillance videos that expose his controlling and sexually aggressive domineering references toward them, and new information regarding the case notes Amina and Sarah Said complained to friends of sexual abuse from their father also. (WFAA photo still)

ABC News – It’s been 11 years since Amina and Sarah Said were murdered in what many believe were honor killings. In the recorded 911 call, Sarah named her father as the killer.

Police believe Yasar Said shot them because of anger over their dating of non-Muslim boys. The high-profile case still produces details some are discovering more than a decade later. Police say Said may now be in North Texas, and they ask for the public’s help.

”He followed them everywhere, and he recorded their every move,” said Ruth Trotter, a family friend, of home videos that show the father with his two teen daughters before their violent deaths in December 2007.

Police say double-homicide suspect Yasar Said may be in hiding locally, receiving help from an inexplicably supportive community despite the horrific crimes he is accused of. (WFAA photo)

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