Cancel Christianity: A Movement to Crush Christianity

An emboldened Cancel Culture finds a new target: Christianity.

This article delves into the subtle yet profound ways the Cancel Culture movement is expanding its reach to target Christianity.

At the heart of this campaign is a Marxist-inspired strategy that utilizes a network of complex laws, public policies, government mandates, and targeted litigation. The aim is clear: to throw believers into the closet, eradicate Christian influence in society, and vaporize the foundational truths of the Bible.

If successful, the movement will deprive Christians of their jobs, parental rights, and any significant role in directing America’s future.

Despite the article’s length, which may deter some readers, delving into its insights is crucial. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the strategies employed to undermine Christianity, ensuring readers are not ‘unaware of [Satan’s] schemes.’ (2 Cor. 2:11)”

The term “cancel culture” hardly needs an introduction, though tracing its precise origins can be as bewildering as defining the phrase in 30 words or less.

Yet, at its core, it revolves around a collective effort to shame, ostracize, and penalize individuals based on their cultural beliefs, habits, or expressions.

These beliefs, often deemed racist, hostile, sexist, nationalistic, or bigoted, are subject to broad and ever-evolving interpretations.

Consider the progression of the Cancel Culture movement: accusations of homophobia have broadened from disapproval of homosexual acts to criticism of those who are opposed to butchering children to change their sex. Similarly, outright racism has expanded from using crude racial slurs to having Aunt Jemima on a syrup bottle. While battling white supremacy has evolved from shutting down the KKK to schools shutting down music classes because they have “caused significant institutional violence.”

There are countless examples. Countless.

But in this article, I want to bring attention to something far more insidious: A targeted campaign to “Cancel Christianity” and crush Christians.

This effort is not novel. Attempts to diminish, invalidate, and eliminate Christianity’s presence in America’s public sphere have been ongoing since at least the 1960s, marked by landmark decisions to prohibit Bible reading and teacher-led prayers in public schools.

Even before “cancel culture” became a household term, there have been concerted efforts to separate Christianity from any form of government endorsement or involvement, despite it being the world’s most followed religion.

Case examples abound and have exploded during the past five centuries. Litigation to remove nativity scenes from courthouses, In God, We Trust placards from public schools, Ten Commandments monuments from city halls, and Bibles from school libraries are just a few of the acid-laced lawsuits secularists have hurled to vaporize Christianity from the public eye.

But recently, we have moved into a new era of the Cancel Christianity movement, where proponents want to inflict pain, suffering, and punishment on those who display their Christian faith or fail to align themselves with secularist views.

Government and Private Businesses Enforcing Transgender Ideology

Nowhere is this more evident than in the surge of government bureaucracies and lawmakers thrashing people for failing to parrot, accept, and affirm homosexual/transgender ideology.

Both the State Department and Health and Human Services now require federal workers to choose their words carefully when addressing transgenders: Either speak fictional pronouns or face reprimands or even firings.

Not to be outdone, the federal government’s Children’s and Families Administration has plans to prevent parents from fostering children unless they agree to use transgender pronouns and support “gender-affirming” care.

Many public school teachers are already facing these mandates, with some losing their jobs for refusing to address students with fictitious pronouns.

For devout Christians, identifying people with a sex that is not their God-given sex would be equivalent to speaking falsehood, as God clearly states he created them “male and female” in Genesis 1:27.

Speaking falsehood is different than lying. Falsehood is the absence of truth and accuracy. The Bible tells us to put it far from us.

“Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.” (Eph. 4:25, emphasis added)

Referring to a biological boy as a girl is a falsehood, and punishing Christians who refuse to do so is an effort to Cancel Christianity.

Take a look at the State of Maine, which is set to pass a law allowing authorities to remove a child if their parents refuse to provide “gender-affirming care,” a process that involves subjecting an adolescent to dangerous drugs and high-risk surgeries to transition to a preferred sex.

If this bill passes, parents will either have to cancel their Christian belief that God created them as “male and female” or lose their child.

But it’s not just government authorities using homosexual/transgender ideology to Cancel Christianity. The same can be said for private businesses.

Two flight attendants for Alaska Airlines were recently fired because they questioned the company’s endorsement of the Equality Act despite the company asking for employee comments.

The Equality Act is a congressional bill prohibiting employers and landlords from refusing to hire or offer housing to people based on their sexual preference or gender identity. The legislation is so vaguely worded that a 45-year-old man identifying as a girl whose sexual preference is minors would be protected.

It’s tempting to recite multiple examples of workers outside the government victimized by the Cancel Christianity movement.

Take the case of Fran Itkoff, a 90-year-old woman who was fired from her job at the Multiple Sclerosis Society when she failed to use company-mandated transgender pronouns. She had worked at the non-profit for 60 years. “I didn’t know what it meant,” she said regarding using preferred pronouns. It’s understandable for someone 90. Still, she was fired.

Boxing Christians Out of the Workforce

Rather than cite more case examples, I want to talk about the bigger picture of how this leads to the ultimate objective to Cancel Christianity.

Call it sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, or just plain cleverness; the goal of Cancel Culture enthusiasts is to box Christians out of everyday society. Legally, this can’t be achieved through a direct frontal assault against one’s Christian faith. The First Amendment and the 1964 Civil Rights Act prevent the government and private industries from outright discrimination against an individual’s religious beliefs.

The Cancel Christianity movement needed to find a master key that could access a hidden vulnerability. To find that skeleton key, they needed to look no further than inside LGBT ideology.

If a baker declines to create a cake with a gay theme for a wedding, file a lawsuit against them, as Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop faced. If a clerk refuses to officiate a same-sex marriage, send them to jail, as Rowan County clerk Kim Davis experienced. If an author pens a book opposing homosexuality from a biblical standpoint, terminate their employment, as Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran endured. Likewise, if someone refuses to sell flowers, provide a wedding venue, or design a website for gay marriages, expect legal action, fines, or sensitivity training classes.

These actions were significant steps for the Cancel Christianity movement, but they needed to be quicker and more extensive to effectively eliminate what they perceived as societal blight. Many Christians were slipping through the cracks, as most faith followers do not work in such roles as chefs, clerks, authors, flower shop owners, or website designers.

A more encompassing strategy was needed, one with a net large enough to scoop up Christians from all walks of life, not just Bible-believing business owners.

The Radical Rainbow Mafia

Enter the Radical Rainbow Mafia, the pernicious foot-soldiers of the Cancel Christianity movement. This group is characterized by its ambitious zealotry to suppress traditional Christian views on sexual relations and gender transitioning by threatening their jobs, custody of their children, and even lives.

The Radical Rainbow Mafia is an extension of the homosexual activist movement, with some hardline homosexual/transgender proponents even criticizing their extreme tactics.

Here’s how transgender activist and Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner described them, “I’ve said it before and here it is again: THE RADICAL RAINBOW MAFIA ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!”

Jenner’s use of the word “TERRORISTS” is not an exaggeration, as instilling terror is the primary accelerator inside the Cancel Christianity arsenal.

Imagine the fear a parent might experience when faced with the possibility of losing their job or custody of their child for not using specific pronouns that do not accurately represent someone’s sex as determined by God or for not accepting gender-affirming care.

The decision becomes clear: either they must renounce what God says or risk being canceled and forced to find alternative means to make car and house payments, pay for health insurance, maintain essential utilities, and support their kids (if the state allows them to keep those kids!)

For the Radical Rainbow Mafia, it’s a win-win situation. Either the Christian becomes a parrot for secularist views or gets canceled.

Fishing for Christian Employees to Fire

Fishing for Christian Employees to Fire

Let’s take a deeper dive into the two flight attendants who were terminated from Alaska Airlines.

It’s pretty clear Alaska Airlines went on a fishing expedition to hunt down Christians that needed to be canceled from its employment.

First, the airline announced that it supports the passage of the Equality Act. Then, it feigns interest in what employees think about that decision and requests their input, knowing full well that devout Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin will likely voice their opposition.

Alaskan Airlines is the most gay-friendly carrier flying the skies, boasting of having the nation’s sole Pride plane, decorated with rainbow colors and the words “Fly With Pride.”

Christian flight attendants Marli Brown and Lacey Smith posted comments questioning the company’s support of the Equality Act. Brown asked whether the Equality Act would suppress religious freedom, while Smith raised concerns about whether the Act would regulate morality.

Both were investigated and then terminated.

They were not just terminated, though. They were humiliated on their way out the door.

A union representative commented, “Can we PLEASE get someone to shut down comments, or put Marli and Lacy in a burlap bag and drop them in a well?” Other union representatives called the pair “bigots” and “pukes.” The Union President said about Lacey, “I hate her.”

Imagine the terror other Bible-believers at Alaskan Airlines must be feeling if they dare speak out against the company’s support of the Equality Act or other pro-gay sponsorships.

Vaporizing Christians from Public Influence

Silencing Christians, removing them from their jobs, and depriving them custody of their children is Cancel Christianity’s method of putting Christians into a closet, out of the public eye, and effectively banishing their influence over public policy.

Both HHS and State Department policy threatening to fire people for refusing to use transgender pronouns (with more federal departments sure to jump on board) is undoubtedly designed to rid the federal government of Christians with sincerely held religious beliefs.

Of course, it would be infantile to think the policy will stop with mandated transgender pronouns. How long before federal employees are required to refer to mothers as “birthing people”? Or females as “people who bleed”?

Getting Christians out of the federal workforce might be a lofty goal, but the Radical Rainbow Mafia sees its possibilities. And why shouldn’t they? If they can mandate pronoun use, there’s a whole host of mandated options that Christians could find offensive, such as the military forcing soldiers to shower and bunk with servicemen of the opposite biological sex.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, “If U.S. Army servicewomen express ‘discomfort showering with a female who has male genitalia,’ what’s the brass’s reply? ‘Talk to your commanding officer, but toughen up.'”

The objective is to give devout Christians the boot, forcing them to resign or at least give them second thoughts about applying for the job.

Putting Parenthood at Risk

But what about the next up-and-coming generation of children and their deeply-held religious beliefs? 

The Cancel Christianity movement believes it’s imperative to erase parents who want to indoctrinate children into biblical beliefs that run counter to secularist views.

This requires more than putting kids through classroom instruction that defies biblical teaching. Parents have to get out of their way because moms and pops typically hold the moral sway over children.

Therefore, we are witnessing public policies and laws that will punish parents who insist on propagating biblical narratives onto their children.

A good example is the developing case in the State of Washington, where the Olympia School District (OSD) is mandating Pride class celebrations for children as young as five. Though not the only school district in the nation to offer gay pride celebrations, what makes OSD different is that school administrators have threatened to put parents in jail if they refuse to allow their children to attend these gay Pride classes.

Of course, most of these parents would be Christian mothers and fathers who hold scriptural beliefs that homosexuality is a sin.

Putting Christian parents in jail for refusing to allow their children to be forcibly indoctrinated into the gay and lesbian culture is just another missile in the Cancel Christianity’s quiver to vaporize biblical truths.

Laws are not even necessary to remove a child from parents holding religious beliefs against using preferred pronouns.

Christian parents, Mary and Jeremy Cox of Indiana, had their son snatched by state authorities after they refused to affirm their child’s new female pronoun and name change. The distraught parents sued with the help of the Becket Fund but to no avail, losing their case before a trial judge and an appellate court.

Their son was placed in a “gender-affirming” home even though the trial judge said the Coxes were otherwise fit parents. They are now appealing their case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Instilling Terror to Cancel Christianity

Throughout this lengthy article, incidents and cases have been noted of how the Cancel Christianity movement has multi-faceted weapons to instill terror into Christians to silence them and cancel any influence they might want to exercise in private and government business.

And these cases don’t even mention the two terrible and senseless shootings by transgenders that took place in 2023 at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tenn., where three nine-year-old children and three adults were murdered, or the 2024 Lakewood Church shooting at Pastor Joel Osteen’s Texas church that saw a 12-minute gun battle where a 57-year-old man was shot in the leg and a 7-year-old left in critical condition.

By instilling terror and self-censorship in believers who maintain biblical views, the Cancel Christianity movement is casting a wide net that can keep Christians with weaker convictions powerless. At the same time, they can retain their blood-thirsty focus of targeting the more courageous and devoted members of the faith with more direct action.

Jesus spoke about the coming harvest day when the wicked will be weeded out of His kingdom. (Matthew 13:24-30 and Matthew 13:36-43)

But before that day arrives, Satan will do his own weeding: Getting the righteous out of his kingdom.

Our response? Crush Satan under our feet. (Romans 16:20)


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