Christians Hunted, Dragged Out and Beaten in Pakistan Over Bibi Case

Christians already face discrimination in Pakistan - they often can only get low-skilled jobs, and they are often forced to life at the bottom of society, but they have encountered a more vicious level of Islamic anger at the hands of Islamic militants who oppose Asia Bibi's exoneration from a specious charge of blasphemy. (TRT World photo)

Christian Post – Christians have been dragged out of their cars and beaten, and said they are “haunted” with fear of Islamic radicals as the blasphemy case of Christian mother Asia Bibi tears Pakistan apart. Romana Bashir, a Christian rights activist in Islamabad, said in an interview with CNN that blasphemy laws have been used to target followers of Christ in the Muslim country for years, but the fallout of Bibi’s acquittal has been truly severe.

Hardliners have blocked the streets, burned cars and rioted through cities, angry at what they perceive to be the Pakistan Supreme Court’s giving in to pressure by deciding to free the Christian mother instead of confirming her 2010 death sentence.

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