Colo. school shows George Floyd’s death to 6 year-olds, then apologizes

George Floyd/ Screenshot

Elementary school age children are not off limits to amateur leftist propagandists. In fact they are a priority target, especially if they can be traumatized at the same time.

A charter school in Aurora, Colo. is reportedly apologizing to parents for showing footage of George Floyd’s death to kids in pre-K to first grade.

The occasion? Black History Month.

Outraged parents of pupils at Montessori del Mundo went to the media over the clip of the black, intoxicated arrestee collapsing while being subdued by police, which was shown to their children. One parent said this and other incidents have compelled her to take her children out of the school.

After the fact, school officials admitted the clip was not age-appropriate and should not have been shown to the children, according to local TV station KDVR.

“My son, since then, has been having nightmares asking if he is a bad person for being white, even though he is a mixed child,” KDVR reported one parent as saying. The parent went on to say that the boy “was also told that there are bad police and there are good police, but that he should not trust them.”

In a letter responding to parents’ complaints, the school listed steps the school would be taking “to ensure parents are informed about the content of controversial or difficult topics.”

In 2020, a mother told a Memphis news outlet about her son being shown graphic footage of Floyd’s death.

Students at a Texas high school were made to watch the graphic video of Floyd’s death and pretend to be jurors at the trial of the officer charged with murdering him, reported WFAA in Dallas.

“I don’t feel that viewing and discussing this case in school is age-appropriate for scholars,” the school’s principal wrote in a message to parents, reported WFAA.

The National Desk reached out to Montessori del Mundo for comment but did not hear back ahead of publication. If a response is received it will be added to this story.


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