Public school asks staff to ‘join a BLM or affiliated protest’ and check ‘white privilege’

Farmington Public School District/ Facebook

How are you going to “celebrate diversity” when you’re forbidden from acknowledging that someone comes from a different background than yourself?

It’s a puzzle, and it’s not made any clearer by training being pushed on staffers in a public school district in Michigan. A 21-day “Equity Challenge” there steeps its victims in “identity” and “intersectionality,” race and class privilege, implicit bias and microaggressions.

If that’s too much of a mouthful, just call it “Hate America Training.”

In the leftist brainwashing sessions, participants from Farmington Public Schools learn that describing their country to students as the “land of opportunity” is a “microaggression” – or sin – because America is so steeped in white supremacy.

Staff were also warned about saying words in someone’s native language if they are not white American. That’s also a microaggression, singling them out to be “exotic.”

In a now-familiar practice, trainees checkboxes about their own “identity” and “white privilege.” They are also encouraged to attend Black Lives Matter marches and become crusaders for the cause of whipped-up victimhood.

The course takes 21 days, for the stated reason that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So pay attention, lab rats.

Day four of the plan works in the inevitable dose of gay: It’s called “Identity and Intersectionality,” and participants are asked to ponder “social identity group examples,” such as all those new confusing genders: “feminine, androgynous, masculine, gender queer, fluid, and gender non-conforming.”

On day six trainees read “Ten things everyone should know about race,” or, in other words, say “it’s bad that I am white” ten times.

“Colorblindness will not end racism. Pretending race doesn’t exist is not the same as creating equality,” the document mysteriously claims.

Day 18 is devoted to “microaggressions” such as repeating the “myth of meritocracy”: that America is already a place of equal rights and opportunity, and that non-whites are not victims.

School districts nationwide have recently pushed staff to participate in “21 Day Challenges” modeled after a course created in 2014 by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr, whose company turns diversity training into cash.


  1. BLM….Burn, loot, murder is their claim to fame. BLM is a domestic terrorist organization, dedicated to the overthrow of our judean/christian country and the moral fabric intertwined in our society. BLM is, essentially speaking, a communist front group.


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