Communist Anti-Cross Policy Claims Thousands of Cross Removals

Authorities are reported to have taken down at least 4,000 crosses from churches in Henan Province, China, since the middle of last year (ChinaAid photo)

Police in China arrested Pastor Li Juncai and three members of his congregation as they protested against the forced removal of a cross from the roof of their church in Xinxiang, Henan province in February.

They charged the pastor with “disrupting public service” after he challenged the arrival of police-escorted demolition crews at Zhongxin Church, an unofficial “house church” with a congregation of 700 Christians. One of the four detained, a pregnant woman, was later released on bail.

Eyewitnesses said around 10 Christians, mainly women and elderly, received beatings and detainment when they stood at a gate to block the access of two cranes.


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