Congressman asks FBI to Add Antifa to List of Extremist Ideologies

The Hill. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) is asking the FBI to add a new subsection to its list of extremist ideologies that would include Antifa, according to a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray provided exclusively to Hill.TV.

“While the FBI declines to keep a public or official list of domestic terrorist organizations, it does outline extremist ideologies that often lead to domestic terrorism,” the letter states. 

The list right now doesn’t include a category “under which Antifa could reasonably be counted,” Banks wrote.

He then write it was his suggestion “that the FBI add a subsection that properly encompasses Antifa’s political goals as openly broadcasted by its leaders on their social media platforms.” 

Banks suggested the addition cover “Anti-1st Amendment Extremists,” something he said would cover Antifa.

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