Dallas Mavericks stop playing the National Anthem

In this Oct. 12, 2017, file photo, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, stands during the National Anthem prior to the game against the Atlanta Hawks at McCamish Pavilion in Atlanta, Georgia.


Update 2/11: The Dallas Mavericks played the national anthem during a home game against the Atlanta Hawks, hours after team owner Mark Cuban relented to the NBA demand that the song be played at all games.

Update 2/10: The NBA seems to be nixing the maverick idea of banning the national anthem during Dallas Mavericks home games this season. 

In a statement released Wednesday, NBA Chief Communications Officer Mike Bass said:

“With NBA teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with the longstanding league policy.”

That’s ALL teams, Mr. Cuban.

Apparently terrified of the wrath of Black Lives Matter and its media cheerleaders, or perhaps simply because their country is so bad, the Dallas Mavericks basketball team has stopped playing the national anthem before home games.

This was at the direction of owner Mark Cuban, ESPN reported on Feb. 10, revealing also that the team does not plan to resume the tradition.

Cuban is said to have made the decision after consulting with NBA commissioner Adam Silver, but it hasn’t been announced aloud. The anthem simply hasn’t been played before any home games this season.

NBA rules require players to stand during the anthem, but the rule has been allowed to slide because of professional athletes playing to the camera by “taking a knee,” in various sports. The vast majority of very highly paid NBA players and coaches knelt during the anthem during the NBA’s restart last summer in Orlando, Fla.

Messages supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice causes were also put onto the very courts where games are played.

In a June interview on ESPN, Cuban voiced support for players kneeling during the national anthem to express how bad they believe America is.

“If they were taking a knee and they were being respectful, I’d be proud of them. Hopefully I’d join them,” Cuban said, adding that he hoped the league would “allow players to do what’s in their heart.”

“I’ll defer to [Silver] on any final judgments and [players’ union executive director] Michele Roberts. But the reality is, my hope is we’ll let the players do exactly what they think is the right thing to do.”

In 2017, Cuban voiced a different opinion after President Donald Trump blasted NFL players who were kneeling during the anthem to express their disapproval of their country. Three years later, as the Black Lives Matter movement became fashionable, Cuban has changed his mind because “We’ve evolved as a country.”

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