Detroit Imam Teaches Safe Wife-Beating and Wife Management

Imam Al-Sheraa said, "Who says that beat them means that the beating should cause pain? . . . beat them means beating them with a sewak. A sewak is a twig one uses to clean one's teeth. . . . The beating is not meant to cause pain." (MEMRI TV photo)

MEMRI NewsShiite Imam Bassem Al-Sheraa taught at Az-Zahraa Islamic Center, Detroit, that when the Quran refers to beating one’s wife, it is a beating that does not cause pain, and that it should be done using a sewak dental twig.

He explained the purpose of the beating is to remind the wife that she misbehaved, and it is only to be done when verbal admonishment and forsaking her in bed have been ineffective in getting her to change her ways.

Al-Sheraa compared the beating to slapping the hand of a child when he reaches to touch an electrical socket. The video uploaded to the Islamic Center’s YouTube channel May 27, 2019.

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