Disney task force promises to create MORE gay content for children

Disney CEO Bob Chapek/ Facebook

When the press start calling you “embattled” you may have a problem, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek is now being called just that by DailyMail.com, for one.

Chapek is in the unenviable position of not supporting the sexualizing of young children loudly enough to please his noisy gay employees at Disney and Pixar. When the state of Florida created legislation to shield youngsters from kindergarten to third grade from hearing lessons about gayness and transgenderism, Chapek did not loudly support it. In fact he definitely steered clear of it.

A storm of gay rage has followed, and during a virtual town hall Monday Chapek was forced to say that he regretted not taking a public stance against what foes call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and even vowed to push more sex on young children even harder.

“I and the leadership team are determined to use this moment as a catalyst for more meaningful and lasting change,” Chapek, 61, said during a hasty virtual town hall meeting.

Chapek also told employees that Disney would assemble a “task force” overseen by film executive Paul Roeder and Disney Parks marketing executive Lisa Becket, which would make sure that more LGBTQ-friendly content is available for children.

That’s right: He needed to pledge to talk about sex more with other people’s little kids.

Chapek was also forced to pledge opposition to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s push to investigate parents who force gender-transitioning procedures on their children, The Wall Street Journal reported. Abbott wants such parents investigated for child abuse.

On March 18 it was reported that Disney was putting a lesbian kissing scene back into their upcoming Toy Story spinoff Lightyear. Employees of Pixar, which made the film, had accused their parent company of cutting homosexual characters and references from their films, which are aimed primarily at children.


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