District orders removal of mural with prominent LGBTQ imagery from middle school

Webster Middle School/ Facebook

The reasons are cloaked in vagueness and mystery, but a school district in Wisconsin announced on Aug. 9 that it will remove a mural from one of its middle schools that openly seeks to normalize homosexuality for children.

The Cedarburg School District said only it had received “complaints” about the painting, which depicts people of multiple races and nationalities holding hands around a globe reading “Love is Universal.” Behind the children’s book-style characters, however, are “planets” bearing the colored stripes of gay and transgender pride flags.

Milwaukee’s NBC-affiliated station WTMJ-TV reported that in a letter sent to parents about the mural, district officials said: “Upon review, it was noted that not all members of our school community were represented in the mural.”

The district also gave the specific reason why the painting will be removed: “failure to follow the proper process for approval.”

A group called the Student Acceptance Team created the mural under the aegis of “promoting diversity,” which has become a dog-whistle code word for attempting to steer the sexual lives and tastes of young children.

Katherine Myszewski, a former Webster Middle School band director and faculty adviser for the Student Acceptance Team, told WTMJ-TV that she had heard of objections to the painting, but that the schools had still approved. “The mural had prior approval by administration, but I was approached by our principal saying this mural is too LGBTQ+,” said.

She said that when the Student Acceptance Team was asked to paint over the homosexual flags, she and the students in the group didn’t want to.

Over the summer the school covered the mural with paper. The school’s Facebook page explained that this was because “Webster hosts 1000+ students (mostly elementary-aged) for Summer Academy, and there are ongoing conversations across the district regarding what is developmentally appropriate for our younger learners.”


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