DOJ backs Christian wedding photographer who refuses to shoot same-sex weddings

The Department of Justice is supporting a Christian photographer, Chelsey Nelson (above), who is suing Louisville over an ordinance banning local business from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. The DOJ headquarters is seen in the February 19 photo above

Under the regime of President Barack Obama and his Justice Department and attorneys general, showing distaste for homosexual behavior as a business could amount to professional suicide. Printers, bakers, innkeepers, photographers and even a court clerk were targeted for not wanting to provide services to homosexuals and their weddings and causes.

Now, however, the Department of Justice is backing a Christian wedding photographer from Kentucky who sued the city of Louisville over an ordinance that would forbid her from opting out of taking pictures of same-sex weddings, Mailonline reports.

The Justice Department filed a “statement of interest” in early March in federal court saying that photographer Chelsey Nelson, will like prevail in her claim. Nelson sued Louisville city officials in November. She claimed that the city’s ordinance violated her First Amendment rights.

Nelson has stated that she “can’t photograph anything that conflicts with my religious conviction that marriage is a covenant relationship before God between one man and one woman,” according to court records.

Nelson is asking the court to block enforcement of the law, misleadingly titled as a “fairness ordinance,” because she does not believe in the concept of same-sex weddings and doesn’t want to participate in them.

“Forcing a photographer, against her conscience, to express her support for a wedding that her faith opposes violates the Constitution,” stated the Justice Department in late February.

City of Louisville officials have responded to the lawsuit by arguing that Nelson has no cause to challenge the ordinance, and their lawyers have asked the judge to throw out the suit.


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