Thursday, April 15, 2021
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BLM protesters verbally assault young cheerleaders in Louisville

Black Lives Matter protesters distinguished themselves on March 6 in Louisville, Ky. by berating a crowd of teen and preteen girls and their parents...

Police arrest man who destroyed altar at Louisville Catholic church

A Louisville man was arrested after allegedly causing damage to a historic church, the latest in In a...

Louisville, Ky. mayor bans drive-up religious services during Easter, Passover

Instead of the Grinch who stole Christmas, Kentucky now has the Mayor who stole Easter. Or at least is trying to.

DOJ backs Christian wedding photographer who refuses to shoot same-sex weddings

Under the regime of President Barack Obama and his Justice Department and attorneys general, showing distaste for homosexual behavior as a business could amount...

Suit: Christian school and conservative magazine outed troublesome student as gay

A Louisville, Ky. Christian school and a conservative news outlet are being sued by two parents who say their daughter was expelled for celebrating...

Christian photographer sues over ordinance requiring promotion of same-sex weddings

A Louisville, Ky. wedding photographer and blogger says a city "fairness ordinance" is forcing her to "violate the law, forsake her faith, or close...