English universities must hold lessons in ‘white privilege’ under new proposals

The year-long racism review by Universities UK found that racism is rife in campusesCredit: Alamy

In the UK, universities may be required to publicly flog themselves for “white privilege” under new recommendations made by leftist education officials, according to The Sun.

White lecturers and students would be better off getting training in “microaggressions” and how to serve as a good “ally” to ethnic minorities, according to Universities UK, a body that represents higher education institutions.

Universities UK accused the sector of being “institutionally racist.”

In reply Tory ministers savaged the “woke” officials, pointing out that white working class students are the least likely to go to universities.

The yearlong racism study by Universities UK claims that racism is rife on campuses. David Richardson, the University of East Anglia head who carried out the review, said: “It is my firm belief that UK universities perpetuate institutional racism.

“This is uncomfortable to acknowledge but all university leaders should do so as a first step towards meaningful change. Too often Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students and staff have been failed. While they may have heard positive words, they have seen little action. That needs to change now.”

His report recommends anti-racist training that sounds suspiciously like the “critical race theory” indoctrination that President Donald Trump recently banned on the part of U.S. federal agencies and contractors. It includes “concepts of white privilege, fragility and allyship, and intersectionality.”

Robert Halfon, Tory MP and education select committee boss, tore into the proposals.

He fumed: “Combating racism and anti-Semitism is serious but it won’t be achieved by adopting a wokist metropolitan agenda. The idea of white privilege is insulting to white disadvantaged pupils who have few prospects getting into higher education. Perhaps their priority should be to ensure disadvantaged white working class pupils get into university as they are currently behind other ethnic groups. Not much white privilege there.”


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