Facebook and Twitter members are fleeing to free-speech app Parler

Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP, Getty Images

Parler, a Twitter-like app that’s billed as an alternative for conservatives who are realizing that services like Twitter and Facebook are in fact their enemies, is taking off in the wake of the apparent attempted theft of the 2020 presidential election by Democrats, big media and the big tech companies that are in bed with both.

Gizmodo reports that Parler is currently ranked as the most downloaded free app on iOS and Android, according to analytics firm SensorTower.

The app portrays itself as an alternate Facebook or Twitter where conservatives can post and converse without fear that liberal mods and company policies will ban them or delete their posts with or without warning.

According to TechCrunch, Parler was the 1,023th most downloaded app on the App Store a week ago, shooting to #7 on Nov. 7 and #1 on Nov. 8. On Android, Parler shot from #51 on Nov. 7 to #5 on Nov. 8 and #1 on Nov. 9.

Parler was first pronounced “Parlay” (meaning to speak in French), but CEO John Matze changed it to the more American pronunciation of “Parlour” (as in the type of room) after realizing users were saying it that way anyway.

Conservative media figures including Dan Bongino, talk show host Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich, and numerous others have urged followers on other social media sites to join Parler, though they have yet to leave those sites themselves. Instead, they are generally portraying the transition as a pre-emptive response to possible future purges in the future.


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