Federal Court: U of Iowa Used Policy to Target, Supress Christians

Jake Estell, president of BLinC, leads his Christian organization through attempts to destroy it that began in 2016 when fellow UI student Marcus Miller told leaders he wanted to join the executive board. Miller refused to pledge abstinence from sex outside of traditional marriage, saying he is gay and pursuing a homosexual relationship. (Becket Fund photo)

PJ Media – A federal district court judge in Iowa ruled Wednesday that the University of Iowa had violated the rights of Christian student group Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) by refusing to allow the group to restrict its leadership to those who agreed to uphold Biblical sexual morality.

The court awarded BLinC $1 in nominal damages and prohibited the university from enforcing a Human Rights Policy against the Christian group.

“We are grateful the court protected our rights today — to let us have the same rights as all student groups to express our viewpoints freely on campus and to be who we are,” BLinC President Jake Estell said in a statement.

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