House Bill H.R.94 Seeks Official End to “Husband” and “Wife” Marriage in America

Eugene Delgaudio of Public Advocate holds up petition samples as a way to leverage for a better impact against corruption in Washington D.C. (Public Advocate photo)

A prominent national commentator warns that a U.S. House bill aims to replace the terms “husband” and “wife,” and could impact whether the institution of marriage even exists anymore in federal terms.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the United States, said that a specific bill in Congress would remove husband and wife terms from IRS filings first, and likely other forms in short order.

Delgaudio said, “The radical homosexual lobby wants to eradicate real marriage once and for all.”

At issue, according to Delgaudio, is Rep (D-CA) Julia Brownley’s “Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act” (H.R. 94) to replace in particular the terms “husband” and “wife” from federal documents, with genderless terms: spouse, partner.

“But, Martin, this is more than just paperwork,” he added in email comments to the Christian Action Network. “This latest bill exposes the radical homosexual lobby’s true end game to eradicate real marriage once and for all.”

Delgaudio made it clear that his perspective is solidly Christian and Bible based. He said, “Real marriage and the family unit are both God’s divine order and the foundational basis of American society.”

Congresswoman Julis Brownley of California’s 26th district introduced H.R.94 that blots out terms “husband” and “wife” from federal documentation. (Twitter photo)

He outlined a progression of left-wing, politically progressive strategic goals, “to literally redefine marriage,” he said. “Rep. Brownley’s bill even falsely implies that the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ are somehow offensive to homosexuals.”

To Delgaudio, H.R. 94 confirms an observation he made long ago about what the homosexual movement has aimed for from the beginning.

“I’ve always predicted radical homosexuals wouldn’t stop trying to pervert real marriage by ushering in homosexual marriage across the nation,” he said.

“Each victory is just another stepping stone towards implementing their entire radical agenda,” he added.

“You see, at this very moment, radical homosexual activists are storming through the halls of Congress demanding passage of this bill to erase real marriage.”

Delgaudio monitors happenings on Capitol Hill and among the Washington D.C. lobbyist circles. He said that a lot of misinformation is clouding clear, open debate on H.R. 94.

my sources say there’s almost no resistance from everyday americans

Powerful, connected organizations and well-positioned activists are hard at work, along with a nearly ubiquitous mass media dominating the airwaves, according to Delgaudio.

“And they’re telling our elected officials that we actually support this bill,” he said. “To make matters worse, more Republicans favor similar parts of the homosexual agenda.”

This “stepping stone,” as Delgaudio puts it, positions what he calls the “radical homosexual lobby” for winning an ultimate end game.

“This is just part of a larger, orchestrated effort by the homosexual lobby and the leftist media,” Delgaudio said. “They are hounding Republicans in Congress to make homosexual marriage the new norm in America.”

This powerful leftist-media, Democrat-Party, D.C.-establishment juggernaut has a huge momentum of force in its favor.

“The radical homosexual lobby has many Congressmen, both Democrat and Republican, quivering with fear,” Delgaudio said. “This is because they wield tremendous influence, and my sources say there’s almost no resistance from everyday Americans.”



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