Fights break out during Beverly Hills fundraiser after a US Flag is torched

Two men scuffle on the sidewalk in Beverly Hills as the LAPD move in to break them apart

Street brawls broke out and traffic came to a standstill on September 18 when Trump protestors torched the Stars and Stripes, just like people in Iran do, during a $15 million fundraising visit of President Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump demonstrators were set upon by Trump supporters outside the Beverly Hills Hotel while trying to burn the US flag. To help deal with the violence, riot police were deployed, while a massive baby blimp of Trump flew over Palo Alto as the President met with wealthy Republicans to garner funds for his 2020 election campaign.

About 100 protesters lined the road about a mile from Trump’s luncheon site in Portola Valley, with demonstrators inflating giant Baby Trump and Trump Chicken balloons.

CBS reported that while the officers were forced to separate and detain the more violent members, there were no arrests made.

An anti-Trump demonstrator can be seen in footage lighting the Stars and Stripes prompting a furious response by nearby Trump supporters

Gregg Donovan, a Trump supporter, told CBS, “I was very disappointed in both sides. I took a neutral stance. I just stood there with my sign the whole time, but the burning of the flag really hurt.”

Anti-Trump protester, Mike Madrid said, “There’s not been a president in living history that is as unpopular in the state of California as Trump, but our money spends the same as everyone else’s.” Someone in the crowd stated that people in California have more money because of the Presidents beneficial tax cuts.

Many people want to remind the public that California is the state that cannot repair its roads but is offering free college tuition to illegal aliens.

Trump’s money-making was kicked-off with a $3 million Bay Area luncheon which was to be followed by a $5 million Beverly Hills dinner at Geoffrey Palmer’s home who is a real estate developer.


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