Finally! A city is being built for all WOKE people to go and live

Marc Lore

A multi-billionaire has announced that he is planning the perfect “woke” U.S. city – perfect because he will get to choose the inhabitants.

Former Walmart executive and e-commerce billionaire Marc Lore is planning to build a city called Telosa, from telos, the Greek word for “higher purpose,” somewhere in the U.S. “Settlers” for the new utopia will supposedly be “screened” to ensure diversity and inclusion, reported USA Today.

That’s right: Genuine leftist “inclusion” begins with … exclusion.

Lore, the 50-year-old former president of Walmart e-commerce and co-founder of and, hopes to house 50,000 people in the city, called Telosa, from the ancient Greek word Telos, meaning “highest purpose,” by 2030.

Targeted for the American Desert Southwest or Appalachia, the city is to run on a version of capitalism that discourages division and other bad stuff. Lore said he envisions Telosa offering equal access to health care, excellent schooling and safe environments for families regardless of income.

He also aims for Telosa to be a “diverse” place that houses various races, genders, sexual orientations, religions and political affiliations.

Kind of like America used to be, before it was taken over by leftists. He stopped short of calling his dream “a shining city on a hill.”

A team of 50 volunteers including architects, economists, engineers, climate experts, historians and designers are coming up with the criteria for screening would-be residents, he added. Despite the exclusivity of hand-picking applicants, Lore has insisted that the community will be open and welcoming to everyone.

The city is meant to address what Lore views as the United States’ biggest challenge: the rapidly growing wealth gap, which he previously said “is going to bring down America.”

Lore should know; his net worth is reportedly near $4 billion.


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