Superman artist QUITS JOB because woke company is ruining characters

Gabe Eltaeb, DC Comics artist.

At least someone in the comic-book world gets it. At least someone is willing to call out the ritual murder of beloved, American characters on the altar of gay sex, gender confusion, white guilt and wokeness.

Gabe Eltaeb, an artist with DC Comics, is publicly announcing his break with the company over its relentless destruction of the characters it made famous, notably Superman. DC Comics made headlines last week when it announced it was making the iconic (and completely fictional) superhero character bisexual in an upcoming comic book.

Eltaeb, who works as a colorist, announced his intention to leave DC on an Oct. 13 livestream on YouTube. With him was fellow former DC Comics worker Ethan Van Sciver. He said he intends to work out the rest of his contract with the company and then leave.

“‘I’m tired of this s***,” Eltaeb said on the podcast. “I’m finishing out my contract with DC. … I’m tired of them ruining these characters; they don’t have a right to do this.” Newsweek reported the story, picking up on an item by website Bounding Into Comics.

One thing that infuriated Eltaeb, he said, was the new woke, puritanical version of Superman’s motto. “What really p***** me off was saying truth, justice, and a better world. F*** that it was Truth, Justice, and the American way.

“My Grandpa almost died in World War II; we don’t have a right to destroy s*** that people died for to give us. It’s a bunch of … nonsense.”

Apologizing for his passion and saying his emotions have “been bottled up for five years,” he went on: “They call us bigots and racist and s***, I would ask them, find me in the f****** mainstream, not on the fringes, one f****** book, one f****** t-shirt, one movie that says that leftism is bad, and conservatism is good, find it for me, they f****** won’t they’re not letting people have a voice, they’re the f****** bigots.”


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