Florida teacher reportedly fired for displaying Black Lives Matter flag at school

Amy Dornofrio

Update from News4Jax: “The Duval County School District said Donofrio was not fired. Donofrio, who co-founded the nationally recognized EVAC Movement in 2016, was reassigned to paid, non-teaching duties while the district investigates what it described as “several matters” related to allegations of misconduct.”

Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran revealed in a speech recently that a Duval County Public Schools teacher has been fired after displaying Black Lives Matter flags outside the teacher’s classroom.

Corcoran did not refer to the teacher by name, according to WJCT, but DCPS teacher Amy Donofrio has been under investigation by the school system since March after she refused to remove a Black Lives Matter flag she had displayed outside of her classroom. She was later suspended.

Donofrio is currently suing the school district for alleged retaliation and violations of her First Amendment rights.

The school district has not stated whether Donofrio has been fired or whether the teacher Corcoran was referring to is Donofrio. Donofrio’s lawyers claimed she hadn’t previously known the state was involved in her case, and she has not heard she has been terminated from her position with the district.

Corcoran brought up DCPS in the context of a wider conversation about teachers taking it upon themselves to share their politics with students, like critical race theory, a leftist doctrine teaching that white Americans owe a debt to black Americans based solely on generations-old history and skin color, and that white Americans should .

“I’ve censured or fired or terminated numerous teachers for doing that,” he said. “I’m getting sued right now in Duval County, which is Jacksonville, because it was an entire classroom memorialized to Black Lives Matter. We made sure she was terminated, and now we’re being sued by every one of the liberal left groups for freedom of speech issues.”

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