Former marine loses appeal to have guns returned after making Antifa threats

Shane Kohfield speaks outside of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's home on July 20, 2019

Shane Michael Kohfield, a former marine, whose comments against antifa activists prompted authorities to take away his guns, lost his court request to have his guns returned.

Kohfield, 32, told The Oregonian/OregonLive that his guns were seized under Oregon’s new “red flag” law and that he had not hired a lawyer since he would be representing himself.

During an interview on Wednesday, Kohfield said, “I was using psychological warfare. Everything I said was protected speech.”

But on Thursday a Clackamas County judge declined to lift the protective order.

“I do find, by clear and convincing evidence, that you do present a risk of causing physical injury or harm to you or another person in the immediate or near future,” Judge Katherine Weber said.

Members of the Portland area’s FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force decided to seek an “extreme risk protection order” against the former Iraq veteran when he threatened to “slaughter” anti-fascist activists during a July protest outside the residence of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Extreme risk protection orders were introduced in 2018 in Oregon that allows authorities to seize guns from people who haven’t been convicted of any crime, but show signs that they may shoot someone else or themselves.

Each order, typically, stands for a year, but may be indefinitely extended. However, people who have had their guns removed may appeal the order.


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