Free Speech Matters flyers delivered at University of Georgia

Martin Mawyer, President, Christian Action Network

I know a lot of people feel just like I do.

That we’re tired of the cancel culture telling us what we can say, what we can write, what we can wear…even what we can name our business.

People are being fired from their jobs, demoted and refused promotions for the slightest of perceived offensives. Others are being beaten, attacked or worse for wearing a political hat or a t-shirt with wording that somehow angers the cancel culture.

Employees are being forced into ‘sensitivity training’ classes to change their moral, religious or political views.

It’s getting to the point that if you are a conservative or hold traditional Christian beliefs, it feels like someone has their knee or your neck and all you can do is cry out, “I can’t breathe.”

That’s why I’m hear at the University of Georgia, one of many universities I plan on visiting, to distribute my flyer called, “Free Speech Matters.”

It’s a car windshield campaign that will tell the “cancel culture” to get off our necks and let us breathe!


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