Free Speech Muzzled at Kid’s Drag Show as Street Preacher Dragged Away in Handcuffs

Street preacher Marcus Schroeder was arrested for reading Bible passages outside a drag show event.

Street Preacher Arrested During Children’s Drag Show

“I will stand for truth even if I stand alone.”

Those were the words imprinted on the shirt worn by young street preacher Marcus Schroeder as he was hauled away in handcuffs by multiple police officers from a drag queen show for children in Watertown, Wis.

This sleepy town in Wisconsin has been catapulted into the national spotlight because of the drag show held last Saturday during the town’s annual “Pride in the Park” event. To be clear, this drag show targeted children — little kids.

It wasn’t a harmless event where children dressed up and had fun. It was a deliberate attempt to introduce alternative lifestyles to youngsters, to compel little boys to pretend to be girls by dressing in grotesque, hyper-sexualized drag fashion.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with many people in Watertown, including the brave street preacher, Schroeder, who decided to express his disapproval in what we would all think is a perfectly legal way: reading aloud from the Bible.

He took his stand outside the children’s drag event with the Holy Bible in his hands, reciting passages loudly and fervently.

You’d think his First Amendment rights would protect him in Wisconsin – which is, after all, still in America where the U.S. Constitution rules.

But the unfolding scene took a chilling turn when police officers swooped in, handcuffed and dragged the young preacher away.

The crowd watched, some in shock, others filming the spectacle of the First Amendment trampled under the feet of the cops.

What was he charged with? Unlawful “sound amplification.”

The footage quickly went viral.

People from all walks of life chimed in, turning this local issue into a national conversation. From questions about freedom of speech to concerns over sexual indoctrination of children, this incident has become a Pandora’s Box that won’t close.

“It was worth it,” said Schroeder. This brave young man’s calm and steadfast demeanor suggested a resolve to continue his protest and speak out for what he believes to be right, regardless of the cost.

A peaceful town, a street preacher, a sexualized drag event for kids and a viral video – they all collided on that fateful day.

Are we still the “Land of the Free,” or are we slowly being tied down by invisible chains of conformity to a godless, Marxist dystopia?

This Wisconsin street preacher’s arrest has sparked a firestorm of questions we can no longer ignore.

Is this the America we want our kids to inherit? Because this is not a plot from a dark comedy … this is our new reality.


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