Buckle up Ohio Taxpayers, You’re Funding This: Drag Boot Camp for Kids

The Colors Plus Youth Center in Ohio, publicly funded and LGBTQ+-oriented, now offers monthly drag lessons for children.

Taxpayer-funded Drag Lessons in Ohio: Welcome to the Theater of the Absurd

If you thought the world had gone mad, prepare for your jaw to hit the floor.

A youth center in Ohio, called the Colors+ Youth Center, nestled in the bosom of idyllic Fairview Park, is holding a monthly extravaganza teaching the “art” of drag to children barely out of primary school.

Who’s funding it? You guessed it, the American taxpayer. Welcome to the theater of the absurd.

Located just a stone’s throw from Cleveland, this center claims to provide a “safe space” for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies. They welcome kids as young as four, but they’ve gone one step further. Children as young as 11 are being shown the ropes of drag performance.

That’s right … taxes teach Timmy the art of tucking and contouring.

Last year, Colors+ made headlines after an attack on their Black Lives Matter flag. They’re now back in the limelight for a more divisive reason. They’re using public funding to host monthly drag tutorials featuring none other than local drag queen “Sassy Sascha.”

Photos of the event show little kids – yes, we stress children – being transformed by Sassy, applying makeup, false eyelashes on boys, costumes and who knows what else.

“Safe, affirming and age appropriate,” they call it. We call it bonkers.

And there’s more.

This youth center isn’t stopping at drag tutorials. They’re running LGBTQ+-inclusive sexual health classes, offering a Clothing Affirmation Program, and don’t forget the self-defense classes for parents – because you never know when you might have to fight off a pack of drag-phobic bullies.

The center, set up by “licensed professional mental health counselors,” believes they’re filling a service gap for LGBTQ+ youth in the community. They claim to be offering a place where everyone “feels safe and can be themselves.”

Shockingly, Colors+ is collaborating with the likes of the Better Business Bureau, the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, and local TV stations.

This questionable use of taxpayer money stems from a 2015 tax designed to fuel the local arts and culture scene, investing more than $207 million in more than 436 organizations since its inception.

But wait, there’s a kicker.

They even locked their Twitter feed to ensure a comfortable echo chamber.

There you have it: American taxpayer dollars hard at work, funding drag lessons for pre-teens. Is this really the brave new world we want to create for our children?


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