Gather Round for the Nuttiest Lefty Headlines of 2021

By Alec Rooney, News Editor, Christian Action Network

Nothing says “Season’s Greetings!” like year-end news roundups, and here at the Christian Action Network it’s a tradition that reaches all the way back to, well, this year!

We strive to find the most outrageous exploits of the left, whether it is schools putting on homosexuality-promoting Christmas pageants, presidents rewriting the Declaration of Independence to fit their own anti-American agendas, phony hate crimes, or Critical Race Theorists attempting to recast our nation as a slave-driving empire where only whites are allowed to succeed.

Our Christmas-week podcast let us look at some of these stories in a lighter vein, with some good-humored Christmas cheer thrown in, after we had all consumed some of Martin’s hearty cheeseburger soup and then gathered around a crackling set of microphones and GoPros.

Some of our favorite headlines were printed and dumped into a Santa hat, with Martin Mawyer picking out random victims and Pastor Jason Binder, attorney David Carroll, News Editor Alec Rooney and producer Michael Mawyer jumping into the fray.

Among the stories were a progressive WalMart executive who is planning his own leftist utopia city, where he will pick the residents for their wokeness, and where the population will be kept strictly inclusive … by excluding anyone who is not.

Next we took on the Salvation Army, who this year decided to milk donations from their mostly white Christian donor base by telling them how awful they are for being white Christians. Apologize for being white, they said, and even put out a special guide to help white people leave their whiteness behind.

Imagine trying to tell a black family how to stop acting so black!

The Christian Action Network even had a personal run-in with the Salvation Army to recount.

2021 was also a year of craziness in our schools, or at least revealed in our schools. We talked about a Kentucky school principal who got lap dances from male students in drag – on video.

Next up was an American brand of moccasins, and – you guessed it – the company had apologized for making something American Indian and profiting from it.

We went on to a gay Superman, changing the “racist” names of bugs and birds, Kraft peanut butter trying to indoctrinate kids to gayness (kids like peanut butter, so let’s use that to possibly turn them gay), and Hasbro educating its workers that three-month-old babies can show signs of racism, and we need to do something about that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, thank you for joining the struggle with us, and never stop fighting, laughing, loving and praying for our dear country.

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