George Soros Funds Organizations Behind Pro-Palestine Protests

Billionaire George Soros has funded millions toward Pro-Palestine protests.

Records indicate that billionaire George Soros has channeled over $15 million since 2016 to groups involved in recent pro-Palestine demonstrations. During these protests, some participants expressed support for Hamas, an organization that has been involved in attacks on Israel.

A detailed examination of the Open Society Foundations’ financial documents by the NY Post revealed that the organization directed $13.7 million of the funds through the Tides Center.

This center has ties to several nonprofits. Some of these nonprofits have voiced justifications for Hamas-led attacks, asserting that Palestinians are the genuine victims in the ongoing conflict.

Among the beneficiaries of the Tides Center’s funding is the Illinois-based Adalah Justice Project. This group shared an image on Instagram on October 7, depicting part of Israel’s border fence being dismantled by a bulldozer. The caption stated, “Israeli colonizers believed they could indefinitely trap two million people in an open-air prison… no cage goes unchallenged.”

On October 20, members of the Adalah Justice Project staged a sit-in at California Representative Ro Khanna’s office, urging him to endorse a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza. That same day, the group supported a rally at Bryant Park, during which some participants made antisemitic remarks and displayed pro-Hamas signage.

In 2020, the Tides Center allocated $30,000 to Desis Rising Up and Moving, another group involved in the Bryant Park demonstration. This event culminated in the arrest of 139 individuals.

The Arab American Association of New York received $60,000 in 2018 from the Open Society Foundations. On October 21, it was pivotal in organizing a protest in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Some attendees of this event openly advocated for the elimination of Israel.

Other organizations that received support from Soros and were present at recent rallies include Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now. Both groups were also involved in the Bryant Park protest.

Dan Schneider of the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, criticized Soros and his son Alex for their funding choices. Schneider asserts that Soros has consistently backed organizations that oppose Israel’s stance.

Open Society Foundations and its related organizations, established by the 93-year-old Soros, have globally distributed over $32 billion since 1984. In June, Soros announced the transfer of his organization’s leadership to his son, Alexander.

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel expressed gratitude for the continued support from Open Society Foundations.


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