Venezuelan Criminals Rampant in U.S. Cities, Authorities Alarmed

Major American cities are facing a surge in crime due to the influx of Venezuelan criminals. (Midjourney)

Major American cities, including Dallas, Miami, and Chicago, are facing a surge in crime due to the influx of Venezuelan criminals and henchmen of the nation’s dictator, as per reports from multiple sources.

The once-tranquil “Villa Dallas” neighborhood in Dallas is now embroiled in chaos. Disturbing incidents, from illicit street races to violent confrontations, have become common.

A video circulating on social media showcases an alarming scene where a man is brutally attacked while gunfire and screeching tires resonate in the background. The uploader alleges that local gang leaders – Aron, El Pibe, and Chito – are behind this turmoil.

Miami-based immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez weighs in on the situation with, “A lot of these people are criminals from the (Nicholas) Maduro regime.

Some are ex-security forces. They are professional criminals or part of criminal organizations.”

Business owners thought to be wealthy are frequently tracked to their homes and menaced with harm to their loved ones unless they comply with monetary demands.

“They want to do the same thing here that they used to do in Venezuela,” he said.

Statistical reports by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection highlight that a staggering 334,914 Venezuelans have entered the U.S. in the 2023 fiscal year. In September alone, Venezuelans made up the largest group intercepted at U.S. borders, surpassing Mexican nationals for the first time.

Criminal elements among these migrants have not only unsettled American citizens but also the Venezuelan migrant community.

Exploitative schemes targeting affluent business owners have sprung up across various states.

Many Venezuelans had fled their homeland to escape these very criminals, only to confront them on U.S. soil. Residents who dare report them face retaliation, with incidents of vandalized vehicles and property on the rise.

Dallas Police has intensified their patrol in affected areas, planning community outreach sessions to tackle the problem.

The Tren de Aragua Venezuelan mob, infamous for drug trafficking and more, has members on U.S. soil. The gang’s leader, Héctor “El Niño” Guerrero, recently escaped from prison and might be U.S.-bound, as per Interpol.

Experts believe that the challenges in border security and control of criminal influx can be attributed to cartel influences. Robert Almonte, a Mexican cartel expert, stated, “The cartels have a clear picture of border crossings and profit from them. The majority of these criminals enter without legal documentation.”

While some utilize illegal routes, others deceive the system. It’s been reported that at least two Tren de Aragua members managed to secure asylum using falsified Venezuelan passports.


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