Green Berets training becoming ‘too easy’ so women can qualify

Army Special Forces candidates carry a log during a recent Special Forces Assessment and Selection class at Camp Mackall at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. (Photo courtesy of the Department of the Army) **

Green Berets is a shorter course version for the United States Army Special Forces that has raised concerns over the elite soldiers’ capabilities to tackle enemies as effectively.

According to top Army brass, the training which spanned two years and was designed to weed out weak soldiers has now been revamped to shift the instruction to train even the weakest soldier.

A report by FOX claimed the Green Berets training to conclude when the soldiers arrived at their units to address unique customizations and requirements.

Military leadership says that the Army’s decision has come in the wake of evolving security threats from Russia, North Korea, China, and other global potential adversaries.

However, critics claim the decision to be in response to lagging recruitment and for boosting women numbers. The critics also claim as per FOX that the easier training shall leave service members “dangerously less capable than ever before.”

A former Special Forces commander, retired Brigadier General Donald Bolduc, told, “The danger of one unqualified officer making it through to command a Special Forces team is a balance that requires difficult choices.”

Army leaders argue that the old training was outdated and not fit for what was needed in the coming years.


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