Hallmark Channel sees below-average audience for homosexual Christmas movie

The Hallmark Channel released its first-ever LGBTQ themed Christmas movie to well below average ratings.

The entertainment industry is continuing its campaign to normalize men having sex with each other.

The Hallmark Channel, in fact, is now making it a treasured part of your Christmas holiday.

This season, gay actor Jonathan Bennett is starring in the Hallmark Channel’s first homosexual Christmas movie, The Christmas House.

Announced in September, the movie was to have premiered on Nov. 22 but appears to still need boosting from the media, like CBS This Morning.

In fact, The Christmas House has drawn 2.33 million viewers, well below average for Hallmark, while its release of A Timeless Christmas “drew a same-day audience of 3.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched cable entertainment broadcast of the night and the entire week.”

Hallmark and Lifetime are pushing out a combined 74 holiday movies this season. At least five feature non-heterosexual couples.

It’s a big step for Hallmark, which has built its mega-million-dollar empire on wholesome romance between males and females. Last year, after criticism from conservative groups, the network pulled a commercial that showed two “brides” kissing. The network apologized after backlash on social media, but seems ready to get back to redefining marriage for everyone.

Hallmark calls its effort to change marriage “diversity and inclusion.”


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