Sister kicked out of Texas sorority for posting pro-Trump rally on TikTok

Jaycie Barton was a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at The University of Texas at San Antonio, where she also served as Risk Management Chair

Include sororities in “cancel culture” — or at least the Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The organization recently kicked out a sister for posting a pro-Trump video on her TikTok account.

Jaycie Barton, a student at the Texas school and former member of the sorority, posted an eight-second video in August at a pro-Trump rally, with signs visible that read “All Lives Matter” and “Trump 2020.”

“All Lives Matter” is a common reply to “Black Lives Matter,” the latter being a leftist chant implying that racism means that the Left wins all arguments.

Barton claims she booted from the sorority for “unsisterly” conduct, after being disciplined and stripped of her title of risk management chair in September.

A statement by the sorority read: “ZTA stands for Black Lives Matter and the statement All Lives Matter goes against ZTA’s belief.” During a September hearing on the affair, one sorority memberr reportedly said of Barton, “Zeta Tau Alpha is trying to be more inclusive and saying, “all lives matter,” is not being very inclusive.”

“I took a video of some of the posters and signs that were there,” Barton was quoted as saying by the Daily Caller. “Some random guy — I couldn’t even tell you who he was or what his name is — was holding a sign that said “All Lives Matter. MAGA.”

She is now the chapter president of Turning Point USA, a right-wing organization founded by Charlie Kirk, at her university.


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