He stood his ground, holding a Crucifix

15-year-old Jakub Baryla is physically removed by police after holding a Crucifix while obstructing a LGBT event

Jakub Baryla is just 15-years-old, but with the aid of a Crucifix, he knows how to stand his ground.

During a recent Equality March in Poland this month, the youngster planted himself in the middle of the street, directly in front of oncoming LGBT demonstrators, and held his Crucifix high.

When the police ordered him to get out of the way, he refused, prompting the officers to physically remove him.

Later, he would say that he was protesting that “LGBT wants to legitimize sin and present it as normal.” After the event, he sent a Tweet to his followers, “I defended our faith which is mixed with mud.”  His Twitter account rose to over 5,000 followers.

He described himself as, “Catholic, traditionalist, conservative and patriot.”

“I wanted my gesture to be visible to as many people as possible. I wanted to make people think and discuss. So I walked with a cross in front of the police cordon that protected the Pride,” he told Gay News.

In an interview with a Polish publication, Brayla said he was fed up with the LGBT movement portraying opponents as having a mental disease.

“It makes me want to laugh,” he said. “I did everything I could during this march. I defended our faith.”

Not everyone was amused or in agreement with the young boy’s act of defiance to the LGBT movement.

Father Grzegorz Kramer, a Jesuit priest, wrote on his Facebook account, “I do not agree to using holiness to fight with other people.  The cross has again become foolish in the eyes of pagans, this time thanks to a Christian.”


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