Hypocritical democrats ‘lynch’ themselves

Joe Biden condemned President Trump’s comparison of the House impeachment against him as a “lynching” on Tuesday — but the former Vice President himself once used the same term when referencing the impeachment against former President Bill Clinton.

Lynching is defined as “The mob killing of a person suspected of a crime… that is done outside of the law.”

The impeachment by a mob of hypocritical, racist, deranged politicians with the aid of their lying media to “politically kill the presidency of and remove” a duly, legally and constitutionally elected president from office… with NO evidence of any “high crime or misdemeanor” as the Constitution demands… is no doubt a LYNCHING.

The impeachment LYNCHING effort was condemned by Illinois Rep. Danny Davis as a “lynching in the people’s House”… Rep. Gregory Meeks called it a “persecution and a lynching”…  Rhode Island Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy called it a “political lynching.”  Former VP Gropin Joe Biden said it could be seen as “partisan lynching.”…Rep. Jim McDermott warned of the “political lynch” mob forming…  House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jerrold Nadler called it a “lynch mob”… former Senator John Kerry called it a “verbal political lynching”.

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Oh wait… 

These hypocritical democrats were referring to 1998 impeachment efforts against Bill Clinton… NOT the same efforts now against President Trump… even though it’s the same English word spelled the same way.

President Trump sent racist democrats and their lying media into a frenzy when he said what they are attempting with their impeachment HOAX was a “lynching.”


All the liberal racist came out of the woodwork foaming at the mouth that someone other than them should be allowed to use the word: LYNCHING.

HOW DARE Trump or conservatives use the same word they used to describe impeachment. Don’t we know that only liberals like them are the keepers of words and only THEY can give permission to use certain words?

It’s OK for the democrats to use the term when it was Clinton… but not ok for Trump or conservatives to use the exact same term now.

That is the height of democrat/media HYPOCRISY, where they actually lynch themselves.

What the racist, white-men-hating, democrat / media collusion mob is attempting to do to President Trump with their impeachment HOAX is a … LYNCHING. And not only of President Trump…  but also a LYNCHING of YOU the voters who elected him.

According to a recent poll, over half of the country believes this is all a democrat “stunt” as it surely is. 

The democrat/media collusion partnership have conducted a continuing LYNCHING of Donald Trump since his shocking victory over their anointed candidate Crooked Hillary Clinton the 2016 election… despite that fact of their massive collusion and voter fraud.

These racist democrats and their lying media are seeking to nullify the will of us voters!

This is their third year of trying … and they are desperately afraid of him being re-elected because he is slowly but surely “draining their Swamp” of cronyism, globalism, corruption, bribery, payoffs, personal enrichment, and perhaps most importantly to them – their right to control citizens – all at the expense of taxpayer taxes and constitutional rights.

Deranged democrats and their lying media essentially LYNCHES and KILLS the truth 24 hours per day, everyday with their lies and distortions.  This undermines our electoral process, could impact the economy, and affect our personal rights and even our national security… if they are allowed to get away it.

But they will gladly sacrifice anything — in the name of their partisan racism and hatred against this president… and us deplorables who elected him. 

Get glad, mad or sad racist democrats and your lying media…  the president was right.  It’s a LYNCHING.   


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