Injunction Sought for Abortion Mill Facing Closure Over Malpractice

Operation Rescue monitors the numerous instances of botched abortions, filthy abortion-mill conditions, malpractice and slip-shod treatments at abortion mills such as Missouri's one remaining, an abortion mill in St Louis frequented often by rescue and ambulance EMTs. (LifeNews photo)

Christian News – The last licensed abortion facility in Missouri, run by Planned Parenthood, is asking a judge for an injunction as it is about to lose its license — whether temporarily or permanently — in the midst of an ongoing investigation by the state Department of Health.

Gov. Mike Parson asked that the court not intervene in the midst of serious concerns over practices at the facility. “Planned Parenthood has been actively and knowingly violating state law on numerous occasions,” Parson said during a press conference Wednesday.

“Regardless of if you support abortion or not, Planned Parenthood should be able to meet the basic standards of healthcare under the law,” he said.

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